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Wing Chun Bat Jam Dao

The Bat Jam Dao

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The Ultimate Weapon in The Wing Chun system

My BJD was used in the BJD demonstration at the 2nd Wing Chun world conference held in November 2005.

Bat Jam Dao

The dimensions of Bat Jam Dao are as follows:


The blade is 325mm (approx) from the edge of the brass guard.

The handle is 100mm (approx) from the other edge of the guard

Total length of the Dao id about 450mm.

The widest part of the blade is about 70mm.

The thickness of the edges of the blade is 4mm and tapered downeards to 1.5mm(The thin edges of the Dao are not sharpened)

Total weight of the complete set is about 2.6 kg.


The hook is wide enough for most fingers if the dao were to be flipped.

Bat Jam Dao Poetry

Dimension of the dao (approx.)