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Wing Chun Bat Jam Dao


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Alvin So is my name. I started Wing Chun in the 90s. My Sifu is Master Tommy Y. K. Yuen.
After years of learning, my Sifu finally taught me the ultimate weapeontry in the Wing Chun system: The Bat Jam Dao.

In the process of learning the Bat Jam Dao, Sifu and I found that the Dao availabled on the market just wasn't suitable for actual simulated combat practice. Therefore I promised my Sifu that I would make a good pair of Bat Jam Dao.

The Dao

I am an engineer and make miniature engines for model airplane use.My Sefu asked me if I could make use of my knowledge in metallurgy and machine know-how to make a good BJD. I spend 2 years in research. Finally, I come to the conclusion that 100% modern technology would not work in making a good BJD. I commissioned one of my vendors in India to make this BJD as per my instruction and specifications. A combination of old craftsmanship and modern technology. 


This BJD are limited production ones. I make a small batch once every 2  to 3 years.I just made this for my fellow kung fu brothers. My BJD is a practise as well as a combat knives. (They are not sharpen or too pointed. We have to satisfy the laws in Hong Kong regarding martial arts knives) Even though they are not sharpened(one can sharpen them at their own risk on the legal consequenses), they are stong enough for actual combat if needed. The weight of my BJD is approx. 2.6kg per pair (including the sheath)

The Bat Jam Dao
Replica of the one given to Master Tommy Y.K. Yuen by the late Grand Master Wong Shun Leung